Google Code-in , and the Open Tech community.

Computers, Programming and Web design. These are the three things that define me and my childhood. Ever since I got my first computer, I knew I had to learn more. I started learning html when I was 12, and also learnt CSS, JS and PHP. Later I started learning C++, and also made a couple of games on UE4.

I never understood open source, and why it was so important. Neither did I understand the concept of GitHub, and why everyone wanted to learn it. Then I saw Google Code-in (, which was about Open-Source development. So I came across my first task, by Fossasia (, through which I learnt the basics of open source development and Git. I and many other students from around the world developed the GCI16 Fossasia website ( and also learnt alot in the process. Now I understand why Open-source is so important, it provides tools to every developer, no matter how experienced he or she is, and everyone can help in developing that piece of software, which connects people from every corner of the world.

This was an experience unlike any other, thanks to Fossasia, Google Code-In and Github!